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Addressing Healthcare needs in Macon-Bibb, Twiggs, Wilkinson, and Peach Counties

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Why Choose Us?

Macon Volunteer Clinic has been an integral, safety net provider of the Macon-Bibb County healthcare delivery system since 2003, with the addition of Twiggs County in the Spring of 2022 and Wilkinson and Peach counties in the Spring of 2024.
Lack of health insurance is the single greatest impediment to access to healthcare in the United States. Uninsured people are less likely to receive medical care, more likely to die early, and more likely to have poor health status.
Macon Volunteer Clinic’s mission is to foster primary healthcare for all working adults in Macon-Bibb and Twiggs counties, regardless of insurance or ability to pay. We are powered by philanthropy and volunteer physicians, dentists, nurses, and other volunteers. Our services are at no cost to those who qualify.
Our patients are hardworking neighbors who would otherwise fall through the cracks of our healthcare system. Some don’t work enough hours to qualify for employer benefits. Many are self-employed, or contract workers in the service industry. They include fast food workers, janitors, housekeepers, groundskeepers, barbers and hair stylists, artists and more.
To be eligible, a patient must live in Bibb, Twiggs, Wilkinson, or Peach counties, be between 18-64 years of age, have no insurance, work, and earn at or less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level


Total Patient Encounters in 2023


Dental Exams, Cleanings, X-Rays, Fillings And Extractions in 2023


Non-Narcotic Prescription Medication Assistance in 2023


Medical Appointments with an MD or Nurse Practitioner in 2023

About Our Clinic

Macon Volunteer Clinic provides free primary medical and dental care, as well as non-narcotic medication assistance, to uninsured, working adults who live in Macon-Bibb, Twiggs, Wilkinson, or Peach County and whose income is equal to or less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.
Macon Volunteer Clinic provides this segment of the population an opportunity to access free healthcare through a caring and compassionate group of licensed healthcare professionals.

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Our Mission 

The mission of Macon Volunteer Clinic is to improve health and wellness by providing primary care services to uninsured working adults of Macon-Bibb, Twiggs, Wilkinson and Peach County, Georgia at no cost.

Our Vision 

The vision of Macon Volunteer Clinic is to provide the medically underserved in Macon-Bibb, Twiggs, Wilkinson, and Peach County, Georgia with excellent healthcare in an atmosphere of caring and compassion.

Our Values 

● We provide a medical home and compassionate service for the people who need us.● We are diligent in serving the needs of our patients, and resourceful, creative, and perseverant in finding the means to do so.● We are called to serve the community in a manner that is both altruistic and accountable. We honor the goodwill placed in us with transparency in all we do.● Our staff and volunteers are passionate, motivated and efficient in all that we do.

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Services We Provide

Macon Volunteer Clinic’s services include:

    Primary care
    Dental care
    Eye exams
    Cancer screenings
    Prescription medications
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    Labs, x-rays and other diagnostics
    Nutrition counseling
    Mental health counseling

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Join us to improve the health of our community and transform lives for decades to come!

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Clinic Appointment Hours:

Monday and Tuesday  4-7 pmWednesday and Thursday 9 am-12 noonFriday 9 am-12 noon – Dental Clinic

General Public Hours

Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:00 pmFriday 8:30-12 noon


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